Head Phones for Home Theater usage....?!?


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Hi frens,

i got a brand new HT setup but it's not always convinient to watch full blast without disturbing someone in the family specially at night. So i decided to go for headphones.

Are there some kind of special 5.1 headphones that are designed for HT usage ? Is it better to go for wired or wirelesss...? i'll be 2-3 meters from the AVR ( Yamaha RX V 450)

Can you guys make a few good suggestions...?



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Definately go wired unless of course you think the wire will get tripped on by others or is inconvenient, you will also want closed back headphones so they have minimal sound leakage.

5.1 headphones do exist, they have multiple drivers in each ear & usually come with multiple jack plugs which connect to Front, Centre/Sub & Rear, but they are sometimes very gimmicky & dont sound all that great, you would be better off spending your money on a decent pair of closed back headphones, something like the Beyer DT770 would be suitable & are nicely built, also look at Denon, AKG, Sennheiser, all good brands that have been making headphones for ages.

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