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Head Amp Recommendation


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I am looking to make something similar to the display you see at a best buy or target for beats or bose or any of those freestanding headphone displays. What I am looking to do though is for an event make a long row of tables with a set of headphones every 3'-4' or so. I am trying to think what the best way to do this is. Right now I have done something similar using ART HeadAmp Pros and a whirlwind XLR Distribution Amp. All the headphones are getting the same signal for this purpose.

The issues we had were two things.

1) We had XLR from the DA to the head amps but from the head amps to the headphones we had to convert down from 1/4" to 1/8" with adapters. For what this is that leaves a lot of reliance on a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter and some were not making great connections. Ideally what I would like is something that is XLR in but 1/8" out with individual channel control. Does anyone know of anything that would meet that criteria.

2) We ended up having to level each output for the headphones individually because not all the headphones are the same and what is coming out to what the actual dB's coming out of each headphone. I think something with some type of a meter or similar on it or some basic leveling would be ideal.

What I am looking for is any recommendation on a head amp that would meet my needs or possibly any thought on a better recommendation on how to do this.



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There are plenty of Multi-Out Headphone Amps available, I think your problem is going to come from what will be required to Drive all these Headphone Amps.

Behringer HA400 Microamp 4 Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier: Amazon.co.uk: Musical Instruments

And what is "DA"? Distribution Amplifier, and if so, precisely what it is, and what is the original source of the sound being distributed? A Computer? A Gaming Console?

Most Multi-Out Headphone amps have individual volume controls on each Headphone, people can make their own adjustments.

Also we need a much clearer and more detailed explanation of what it is you are doing and trying to accomplish. Is this a Gaming situation, Lecture Hall, other?

Then we need some sense of the budget. The Whirlwind Distribution amp, only serve FOUR channels (4xStereo Channels). Is that enough, and these distribution amps are on the expensive side. A quick search of Google turned them up at about US$500 each. That is a lot to invest in a one time event.



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Yes DA is Distribution Amplifier. Pretty standard thing, specifically I have done this set up and am looking to recreate it somewhere else. Originally used the below item as the DA.

DA-2 - Catalog - Whirlwind

The DA is fed from an audio mixer's left and right output. The reasoning for using XLR is to allow for a balanced signal over longer distance. The mixer may be 100'-200' from the other components. Thought being I can just run a XLR snake from the mixer to the DA. From the DA I ran XLR to a head amp pro. I had one head amp pro per every 2 6' tables or so. Each table had 3 headphones. The idea was to not give each one individual control by the user, the head amp pro sat under the tables and there were holes for cables to pass through. We went through to balance the headphones individually. The issues that arose were primarily related to the the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter.

I am really looking for something ideally similar to this but that can bypass the 1/4"-1/8" adapter.
ART Pro Audio

Budget is not a super major concern if the quality is right.

What this is for is a demo of some AV gear where these headphones act as the audio for it. We don't want the end user to be able to adjust otherwise we would have done individual headamps.

Let me know if that makes any sense to you.


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