HDTV xbox without component?



Hi all,

I was considering getting a NTSC xbox to benefit from the HDTV output but the LCD tv (JVC LT23E31) i was considering doesn't have a component input as far as i know.

This might be a stupid question but is there anyway i can get HD output from the xbox with out component? or is HD only available via component?



The hd signals will only be transferred via component as far as i know as they are progressive apart from 1080i, and if your tv will accept them, someone will no doubt correct me if i am wrong. I am sure i have seen on this site a link to a dvi lead if your tv accepts that.

richard plumb

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do you know if thats a legit VGA converter, or just a cheap linedoubler?

X2VGA is highly recommended by a lot of people, but your solution looks good as it would also support (adding in the splitter), driving my projector and LCD screen directly via VGA (assuming it doesn't downgrade the signal too much).



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It happens to output to 2 VGA sources, however, its main function for me is the ability to set it manually for any HDTV standard and for it to auto-detect the signal as well. I set it to auto and it has so far displayed any HDTV signal I have thrown at it. All very nice quality. Lik Sang also has a similar one now, I do not think they had it when I was purchasing mine, although it is a slightly different shape but it seems like the same technology.

Best thing about this is, I can use any HDTV component source and feed it to the plasma, not just the xbox.



The only thing with using the Pc input is that with some screens, and i'm not sure about the JVC, you get a slower response rate than using the tv inputs. Obviously i'm slightly worried about it as i don't want any ghosting or smearing whem i'm playing.


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"you could get a component to VGA adaptor capable of HDTV "

A number of people have mentioned this on the forums before and it works well apparently.

"The only thing with using the Pc input is that with some screens, and i'm not sure about the JVC, you get a slower response rate than using the tv inputs"

This is also correct. Some plasma panels notably the LG one I have, get this problem. Causes bad lip synch so component only.

I cant believe that any LCD TV available now does have component. The cheapy Relysis 17" Widescreen we have in the bedroom has component and it is right at the bottom of the food chain in terms of LCD TV.

Incidentally you dont need a NTSC Xbox to go the HD route. Pal xbox can do high def but needs to be chipped to unlock the functionality. Also need to install a region patch for it to work right. This is the route I am taking. Got all the stuff but not setup yet.... the rooms not ready :(

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