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Hi all

Hope you can clean a few things up for me. I'm looking at getting a LCD tv (haven't decided which on yet so this is a theory question) which would be HDTV compatible. However it would have 1280 * 720 resolution, which as far as i know could only put out 720p. However i have seen in this forums and retailers on the web stating that 1280 * 720 displays will output 1080i, surely this is impossible as you'd need 1920 * 1080 to do this.

Am i completely wrong or what?!?



richard plumb

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you'd need 1920x1080 to fully resolve a 1080i display.

but most (check first) LCDs with 1280x720, or 1366x768 resolution will support the input of a 1080 image. They'll then scale it down to the panels own resolution.

so yes, effectively you only get 720p, but they are supposed to handle 1080i very well.

And as there aren't any 1920x1080 panels out there yet, its the best currently available.


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Last night I finally got my Samsung LW32A23 wired up to the PC with DVI. (The Samsung being 1080i compliant with a resolution of 1280 x 768)
I have a skystar2 card in the PC and routed the picture from the Euro1080 HDTV channel to the LCD. The Samsung scales the picture down and the picture looks fantastic, going back to Sky afterwards was awful.


What refresh rate do you have the PC running at out of interest. Have you noticed any juddering at all on pans.


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I am running my set-up at 60hz and I haven't noticed any juddering. I tired a similar set-up with a Panasonic projector and this was very juddery leaving what looked like interlacing artefacts.

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