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Hi, i'm looking to get a high def plasma tv with a vga input.
I've done a few searches on the internet but couldn't find any info.
What are my options for £1500 or under?
I'm not that much of a buff so picture quality doesn't have to be 100%, 90% will do.


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Dont think that budget will be close enough for a HDTV capable screen...

I think youre looking at almost double that to be fair...


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Why HD with VGA input???? PC use? £2.5k is going rate for PHD7 panny, MXE1 Pioneer, and XR3/Xm3 NEC all HD with VGA input but £1k over budget
the Pw7/PWD7 pannys are excellent but not HD res


I think the pio MXE is the cheapest HD plasma at the moment, if it's just for PC you could order it without a video card. Then in a month or so, you could get the new Aurora card for it and have a HDCP compliant HD plasma capable of handling 50Hz signals. One of the very few able to do so in fact.


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ok, what about if i buy a plasma for about £1500, then wait for a year or so til high def becomes more mainstream and get a board that'll make it high def ready?? (i have no clue what i'm on about :confused: )
yeah, it's for a home theatre PC, and to be honest, the HighDef factor isn't that important.

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