HDTV output for Telewest TVdrive and Hitachi 42PD5000



HDTV output for Telewest TVdrive and Hitachi 42PD5000
connected by HDMI and DVI cable

I would be grateful, if you could kindly add the following instruction in your forum for the benefit of fellow Hitachi plasma TV owners. (Please note my setup works with the following specific items and instruction, I am not responsible for any damage to equipment for those who try, and I do not intend to answer questions individually.)
Recently I have upgraded TW box to TVdrive that has HDTV feature. I was anxious to try HDTV output.
Having contacted the manufacturer helpline and other sources, I was discouraged by many obstacles such as 42PD5000 is not HDTV ready, it has 1080 output as opposed to 720 output of the current HDTV, HDCP feature of TW broadcast is incompatible with 42PD5000, many types of cables, and concern about losing a lot of money on an expensive HDMI and DVi cable in case my attempt fails etc.
By doing research on www including your website, I have gained some knowledge, am most grateful for it, and have now successfully set up HDTV output on my TV for £16.00!
1. TW TVdrive
2. Hitachi 42PD5000 plasma TV with RGB output on AV1 and HDTV output on RGB1
3. HDMI male and DVI male with D-connection cable. 5 metre.
(Next day delivery. £16.00. Euronetwork. Tel: 01908-371909. Fax. 01908 378239. www.euronetwork. Via Amazon.co.uk.)
1. Connection - connect the cable.
2. Convert RGB output to HDTV output.
Please see the diagrams below.
• Please ensure you are familiar with AV1 and RGBB1 keys
• Initially, display is on "RGBB with Widescreen".
• Telewest TVdrive remote control: press "Home", and select the menus - "Setting and Services", "Display and Audio", and change from "Widescreen" and "RGBB" to "HiDef HDMI" and "1080wide" with forward and backward keys.
• Screen on AV1 - Then, screen on AV1 will ask to key "Text" on control, and once done you see display on RGBB1 as HDTV and it is completed!
3. Convert HDTV back to RGBB output - There is no need to touch TVDrive or cable but just reverse the process.

I hope the above instruction is helpful for all frustrated Hitachi owners.




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