HDTV - Is it important now?



Sorry to waste people's time but I haven't a clue what is happening with HDTV (though I know what it is).

From reading some threads the speak is that it MIGHT come to the UK in 2010. If that is the case is it relevant for a new TV/system purchase now?

I am in the market for a system mainly to watch terrestrial and Sky but also want to replace my SVHS with recordable DVD (and to watch bought DVDs). Is HDTV something I should be thinking about?

David Caple


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Euro1080 is already broadcasting - plenty of threads about this already.

I understand there are a couple of HD ready TV's available, but I'm not certain of the specs. Personnally I wouldn't buy a HDTV just yet - unless you decide Euro1080 is for you and you are also going via the HD tape route to watch pre-recorded material within the next couple of months.

If you're sticking with DVD, a "standard" widescreen box should suffice - all depends on your budget/circumstances etc. Of course, plasma, LCD or projectors will offer you HD.


wouldnt it make sense to buy a hdtv compatible plasma and use it on sdtv for the time being? Or wouldnt it work?


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That's why I went for an HD capable Pioneer! :smashin:



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A query I have is when do Sky plan to broadcast in HDTV? Also will something like Freeview ever be HDTV capable in the future?

richard plumb

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In theory, both Sky and Freeview could broadcast HDTV - you'd just need new digiboxes.

Japan has just launched its 'freeview' equivalent, limiting it to 7 channels of HDTV (with SD compatibility). So HD DTT is clearly possible. I just wish the BBC had taken the plunge. I'd much rather have HD BBC than BBC + 74 shopping channels.


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Originally posted by richard plumb
I'd much rather have HD BBC than BBC + 74 shopping channels. [/B]

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