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Discussion in 'TVs' started by amlas3, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. amlas3


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    Hi All,

    Few questions with reagbrds to this HDTV/HDMI

    Looking to get the Panny V500 42" this I know this is HDTV compatibale.

    1. Do I have to get a HDMI amp? (looking for 7.1, any recomendations)?
    2 Are DVD Recorders HDMI? (again any recomodations?)
    3 Will this plug straight into the HDMI slot on the TV? NOt sure that it really needs to
    4. How do I connect more than 1 HDMI appliances to the TV, does the Panny have more than 1 HDMI slot? I am thinking on the rights lines here...........

    In my current set up I have a TV, DVD, 5.1:

    TV>DVD Component YrYbYa Thingy
    DVD>AMP Co-ax

    a confused novice please help

    Any responses appriciated
  2. pjskel

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    Oct 12, 2004
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    Okay, in order:

    1) Not a necessity, but nice to have if you have more than one HDMI source. Otherwise, coax or optical audio inputs will suffice, but you'll need to partner the picture with the sound, whereas an AV processor/amp will switch both picture and sound, keeping them in sync.

    2) Nope - no HD DVDRs yet, seeing as no HD signal (widely available) is being broadcast. Next year probably, if not, then 2007 for sure.

    3) HDMI is a standard connection, so it can only be plugged into an HDMI socket and in one orientation only, so there's no chance of ballsing things up.

    4) As per 1) - HDMI equipped Proc or AV Amp. Otherwise, outboard switchers will become more prevalent in due course. I believe there are some already.

    Google is useful to find out what's out there already or coming soon.
  3. Joe Fernand

    Joe Fernand
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    Jan 20, 2002
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    The Borders
    Hello amlas3

    A few pointers on your long journey :)

    HDMI is a connectivity standard that includes Digital Video along with Stereo and/or Multi-channel audio and HDCP Copy Protection encryption of the video and audio signal.

    Not all HDMI sockets are created equal - the folk who designed the HDMI standard have a fully feature spec (HDMI V1.1) and a sub set (HDMI V1.0).

    HDMI V1.0 devices don't carry the full range of video signals HDMI V1.1 can carry and the V1.0 devices will generally only carry Stereo Audio not Multi-channel audio.

    If you plan to add to your new system over the next few years then having only one HDMI Input on your Display device is going to be a limitation - you can either look for an AV Receiver with multiple HDMI Inputs (quite rare at present) or accept that you will spend some cash at some stage to add an HDMI switcher to the single HDMI Input on your Display (lots of these available already).

    Its unlikely that your going to achieve a fully Digital connectivity plan for your system for now - more likely you'll be mixing Digital and Analogue signals; a DVD Recorder being a prime example as even the ones with an HDMI Digit Output (usually V1.0) don't have HDMI Inputs so can only record from an Analogue source via SCART, Composite or S-Video.

    Plugging HDMI to a Display device is very possible and depending on everything being V1.1 or V1.0 you will have Video + Stereo or Multi-channel audio on the TV - though your also likely to want a separate Digital Audio cable between your source and AV Receiver.

    Keep in mind too it may not be that straightforward to integrate your HDMI equipped Sources with an HDMI equipped AV Receiver and an HDMI Equipped Display if you want the ability to choose between listening to the audio via the AV Receiver or the Display; lots of connectivity questions will ensue once you decided on the main hardware you want to purchase.

    Best regards


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