HDTV forgetting it's plugged in...?

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    I recently purchased a 32" HDTV (click). I have an ATI Radeon x800 GTO 256mb (dvi) and i'm using a hdmi to dvi cable to connect the pc to the hdtv.
    for some reason setting the resolution as the native resolution doesn't cause the whole desktop to fit in the screen.
    so i have to change the resolution so that it would fit...i'm not sure if this is a bad move but it's all i could do to see the main picture.
    regardless that isn't the main issue. the hdmi is plugged into a hdmi port in EXT6 - which means selecting input 6 should show the desktop (pc).
    When i first plugged it in it did, later on that day it did but i had to unplug the cables a little for it to be recognised.
    but now (day after i've got the tv) - the tv seems to be forgetting it's plugged in or something. if i'm getting a video signal and everything is fine it's ok..but if i change the extension or turn the tv off i won't get a picture if i turn it back on. i have to start unplugging the cables and replugging them in, changing the resolution, plugging in other monitors..and then randomly i'll get a picture again. when the tv is plugged in and recognising the signal it's all good - although the general desktop font isn't very sharp video playback is very good (using a hdmi to dvi cable, plexus gold plated 1m)
    i'm unsure where the problem lies - the tv's basically 'forgetting' it's plugged into the pc at EXT6 so it shows a blank screen.
    on the catalyst control centre there's an option to reduce the frequency that the dvi sends out - even though this is recommended for very high resolutions i tried it but it doesn't seem to make a difference. since my video card is old the options i have to configure are restricted.
    i'd appreciate it if someone could give me feedback on whether if this is a common issue (it's quite a hard topic to search too :p)
    i can only describe it as the tv forgetting it's connected to the pc
    maybe there's a technical term for it..

    edit..it seems it's a hdcp handshake problem http://www.highdefforum.com/flat-panel-tvs/51852-no-signal-hdmi-connection.html ..is there a good solution?..because it's hard to get a vid signal at times - thanks
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