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Hello there, i just need a little help with buying a hdtv. I have £600-£700 pounds to spend on a hdtv to accompany my ps3, and i know little about what i will need. All i know is that with my budget i am looking at a 26" to 32" screen. also i have been advised to go for a progressive instead of interlaced.

i am just wondering if anybody on these forums has any idea or has bought a hdtv similar to what i am looking for? ill have a look on the forums but any help will be great.

Thanks in advance mubimbo


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A little search on the forums would help you alot mate, sorry to be blunt but these kinda threads are popping up everyday and if you just use the search function and take a look around the place its fairly easy to find what you need.


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sorry mate, advice noted, i am in the process of doing that. Realy and truly this was my back up. Cheers


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mubimbo said:
I have £600-£700 pounds to spend on a hdtv to accompany my ps3
You have a PS3? :eek:

If you are planning to have the sound from the TV then JVC LT-26DX7 could be a good option. It has very nice bass for a flat panel TV.

If you want something bigger then Toshiba 32WL66P is available for a few quid over your budget.

Of course I have no idea how good the picture will be from a PS3 but a 720p signal over HDMI conection should look pretty good on either.

All HD ready LCDs will have progressive panels. I wonder if you were told about prog v interlaced because not many TVs will accept a 1080 line progressive signal (1080p) only 1080i which is de-interlaced. Personally I don't think it's important on a 32" or below screen which typically have 768 line displays. There doesn't seem any point to me in getting the console to render the game in 1080 line resolution if your display doesn't have that many pixels.


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hi there, ignore my previous post. i have rattled ot down to two tv's and i cant seem to choose between them.

Firstly there is the: Samsung LE26R74BDX from


and then the Sony KDL26S2010U / 26in HD Ready LCD IDTV from


does anybody have a clue as to which would be the best quality tv out of the two?

thanks in advance Mubimbo:thumbsup:


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Thanks and just to confirm i wsa just wondering if that sony in the link is the newest one is this series, as the colour seems different to those in other pics?


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Hey neilo or anyone. would it be worth me spending an extra £200 and getting the sony KDL32S2010U instead of the 26" or should i go for the sharp?

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