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Need advice... :lesson:

I have a HDTVPC ready machine at the mo, linked to my already setup sky+ sat reciever but cannot see euro 1080 (although i may be doing something wrong)

i was thinking of getting another dish and installing it in the loft or even in the garden behind a bush or something. But is this going to work and where can I buy another dish from should this be a viable solution to the problem.

Please let us know as its saturday tomorrow and I can go and order one.

cheers for any help...

Rob :hiya:


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Sky digital is on the Astra satellites located at 28.2 degrees east. Euro 1080 is on the Astra satellites located at 19.2 degrees east i.e the old sky analogue position. You will need another dish or a bigger dish than the 45cm Sky dish with twin LNB's

Hope that helps

Chris Muriel

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I noticed some new documentary/PR material being shown on Euro1080 today.
Some of it was quite interesting - they even rolled out some female from the BBC.

Some of the takes were stunning also.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


I think any significant new material will be timed to co-incide with encryption.

They will HAVE to increase the material when this happens because I can't see anyone paying to watch the current content.

I suspect it's a bit catch 22 - they cannot gain rights to new material until they encrypt.

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