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    Hello, i am new to hdtv's and stuff. I have been lookin up info on american sites since sky announced hdtv but i did not think hdtvs were sold in the UK yet and im heading off to the states soon. So i looked up TVs and i found a great load of tv's labelled DLP. They weigh enough for me to be able to beg BA to let me bring a nice big 36-42" back to UK as i found out they weigh 30-35kg compared to the huge crt and regular projection tv's which were at least 50kgs and were damn cheap ranging $999-$1599. So there was hope for me until...i remembered...you cant play pal videogames on ntsc tvs! (i love my xbox and ps2) does anyone know if you can play pal games on. This is a stupid question but does anyone know if hdtvs also have this problem and if next-generation consoles will work on both PAL and NTSC signals or if i can get one of those good looking dlp hdtvs for a good price in UK(around £1,500 maximum )
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