HDTV Compatable?

Alan Westy

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I'm interested in exploring HDTV but do not know if my equipment is capable of displaying it, can anyone tell me if a Seleco 450 crt projector linked to a quadscan is able to dislpay HDTV


Roland @ B4

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The Quadscan won't help with HDTV it can only scale standard definition sources.
However your 450 will accept HDTV frequency signals in 1080i formats. They will probably require some form of sync modification prior to feeding it to the projector.

AD Roser

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Hi Alan,

The 450 will only accept 1080i I'm afraid not 720p assuming it has the progressive component option fitted to it. The 400 series was limited to a H scanning freq of 34 khz. :(


Alan Roser
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