HDTV 32" LCD Separate Tuner Box


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Great Site, Great Forum; :thumbsup:

thanks for everyones postings, i feel i am now a little wiser on this minefield of a subject. :smashin:

i would like to buy a 32" LCD TV to be wall mounted above the fireplace in the lounge.

to minimise wiring from the cabinet/shelving containing the Sky+ box (when its back up and running without a whirring noise - see separate forum for that thorny subject!) and DVD Home Cinema to also be brought (looks like the Denon 500 is the ONLY one to buy) i would like a separate tuner box.

the distance between the kit and screen would be about 5m overall, and the thought of installing
- power to the screen
- RGB scart/DVI/HDMI for the Sky+
- RGB scart/DVI/HDMI for the Sky+
- CO-AX for terrestrial TV (good old fashioned technology hey!Just in case Sky goes down!)

fills me with dread!

So, can anyone recommend a:

32" LCD
Wall Mounted
HDTV Compliant
Separate Tuner Box

many thanks

Kevin :)


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The two that sping immediately to mind are the Loewe Xelos SL (or Spheros) and Sharp 32GD1E. Similar price, Sharp has D-TV builtin, with the Loewe D-TV/D-Sat is an cost option - Loewe Sat option will not do Sky before you ask. You may also need to purchase cable length extensions - I think both are about 3m and it is not as simple as a longer DVI-D cable.


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Thanks for the suggestions - it seems a limited market though for my spec' which suprises me. I anticipated most would want separate tuner box as most large LCD's go on walls, or maybe they dont.

The Sharp looks good thanks for that steer. will keep you posted!


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Can definitely recommend the 32GD1E - ordered one myself after seeing it setup at a mate's house

Mine got delivered today so still haven't had time to set it up properly, but if my mate's setup is anything to go by it's the dog's dangly bits!!

If you need a deal on it, you may still be able to get John Lewis to price match it with Crampton & Moore in Sheffield (they have it at £1899). Did mine last week to get a grand off list price and a 5 year guarantee!!!!

kudos to GeekGrrrl for the spot btw :thumbsup:


Hey Idoru, you can buy me a drink some time :smashin:
My GD1E has just been delivered by JL this morning - I have to wait until the kids are in bed before I dare to install it. It is sitting in its box just looking at me. I can't stand the anticipation!!!!


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I cannot believe it's sat there right in front of you and you haven't got the urge to rip it open !!
I was in Prague with work when my wife told me my 32GA3E had arrived last Wednesday morning. Luckily my flight back was that night and I finally arrived home at 9pm. Quickly said hello to the wife and 4 month old daughter and at 9.05pm started on the tv. Had the old tv moved in to the back bedroom and the screen in it's place in under 15 minutes. Hanging it on a wall takes a little longer though.....



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I may even stretch to two drinks Geekgrrl!!

To be honest, after faffing about for well over a month and doing all the proper research to settle on the 32GA3 or the 32PF9986, I was ready to pull my hair out when I found that no-one had any stock of the first and the second had a shared DVI/component and problems with 1:1 PC use

When I found out about the deal on the GD1E it was a no brainer :rotfl:

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