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    I hesitate to raise this matter. Firstly because I suspect I am making an elementary mistake somewhere and secondly because I have detected that a few people on the forum message board don't like Philips.
    Here goes. I have an HDRW720 and a DTR1500 digital receiver (both Philips).
    Try as I might, I somehow cannot avoid recording, for the FULL LENGTH OF EVERY RECORDING, the blue banner which normally appears for only a few seconds on the DTR1500's screen when the channel is changed.
    I always record from Guide+. It doesn't seem to matter whether I "select and record (red button)" or whether I key in videoplus numbers, the blue banner appears on my recordings and obscures the action on screen.
    I don't have SKY and nearly all my viewing is terrestrial so I can't understand how I get the DTR's blue banner when I am trying to record a terrestrial programme.
    I can find nothing in the HDRW720's manual to help. I have tried many times to set "preferences" in the DTR so that the banner is only active for 3 seconds AND so that the banner will be transparent. There doesn't appear to be a way of removing the banner totally.
    What am I doing wrong? Nearly all my recordings have a blue banner. Please help!!

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