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This thread aims at listing all current and coming HDR10+ TVs and discuss and compare their respective implementation.

HDR10+ already supported:
HDR10+ support coming later:
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Panasonic FZ series implementation:



«[OLED] Panasonic 2018 Oled HDR10+ - FZ800 FZ950 - Page 376» - 30084987 - sur le forum «Ecrans UHD (4K et 8K)» - 1427 - du site Homecinema-fr.com


Official OPPO UDP-203 Owner's Thread - Page 1158 - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews
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New Panasonic OLED flagship GZ2000 will obviously support HDR10+ out of the box.

More surprisingly, the high-end 8K Sony Z9G will also support it later via a firmware upgrade according to Vincent Teoh


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According to Vincent Teoh, the new 2019 Samsung TVs finally clearly display "HDR10+" in the info banner contrary to the 2018 models.

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Does anyone know how to actually get HDR10+ on Philips? In my case 75pus8303?

I have some test files, but I don't think the TV has indicators to distinguish between HDR10 and HDR10+, it just mentions whether it recognizes a HDR signal. As HDR10+ is backwards compatible with HDR10, it is very difficult to know if it really makes use of the HDR10+ metadata per scene.

Another question is whether it only supports HDR10+ input over HDMI or also over built-in AndroidTV apps like KODI, VLC or MX Player.

In KODI 18.4, I experience constant flickering with the HDR10+ test files. But it does not always happen, feels like 50/50 chance when opening a file.

Maybe I should try the USB port as I heard it is a different environment than AndroidTV?

I use XBOX One S as 4k blu-ray player, but I do not think XBOX offers HDR10+, only Dolby Vision and HDR10. I also do not own a HDR10+ compatible disc. Maybe I will buy The Shining.

Anyone here that was able to play HDR10+ files successfully on their 2018 Philips TV?



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Hi @stefh

We debated this topic on a famous French forum: «TV Philips 2018 non-compatible HDR10+ comme annoncé !!!» - 30096580 - sur le forum «Ecrans UHD (4K et 8K)» - 1427 - du site Homecinema-fr.com

It appears that HDR10+ on 2018 Philips TVs is mainly misleading advertising.

Their customer service finally acknowledged that HDR10+ is not supported over HDMI.
It's only supported with USB, DLNA and DVB.

And there is no specific HDR10+ logo, it only shows the usual HDR10 indicator, meaning there is absolutely no way to check whether what Philips is saying is true or not, unless you do some side by side comparison with the same TV set and content but different firmwares (old one not supporting HDR10+ and a newer one).


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My Vizio PQ65-F was recently updated to HDR10+ with update

So far i've only tested Amazon Prime Video with a 4K Fire Stick as I do not have an HDR10+ UHD player and can confirm it loads HDR10+ content and shows the logo in the drop down when being played. I believe the update also include all of the P Series and some of the M Series 2018-2019 models.
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