HDR10+ being selected over Dolby Vision somehow on my setup?


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Just gotten Alita: Battle Angel 4k Blu-Ray and was testing it out on my Oppo 205 connected to my GZ2000
When the menu comes up it converts correctly to Dolby vision like it does with netflix DV content , Soon as the film starts Its locked on to HDR10+ however for the rest of the film.
I got this as it was to test out the Dolby vision as all my other 4K tiles are just HDR.
I have looked online can not find much reviews say the film has both Dolby vision and HDR10+ what's the point in this and why would my setup be selecting this over Dolby vision?

any help would be ace.



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Go into Setup>HDMI HDR Setting>HDR Dynamic setting and disable HDR10+ and restart disc.

Then DV will play. The GZ picks the HDR10+ by default if both that and DV are there.

Edit: The above is on the TV menu to be clear

Just if anyone else has this issue.


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I have an LG OLED and when I watch Dolby Vision on my Oppo 203 source direct gives me a brighter and better picture.

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