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Sorry if this is the wrong sub forum.

I have a PX701-4K projector hooked up to a J-Tech audio extractor that is being fed from a new rocketfish switch.
I am using new, short (1.5ft) UHD/4K rated rocketfish HDMI cables.
The video source is a new 4K Apple TV.

When the video is set to 1080 or 4K HDR on the Apple TV, there is an issue with the video dropping out. The audio does not stop playing when the video cuts out.

I am able to replicate the issue by starting a 4K/UHD stream of the Mandalorian on Disney plus. Whenever I start the stream, the video drops and takes about five seconds to come back. This sometimes also happens intermittently when streaming high res content. It does not happen when streaming SDR video quality. Changing refresh rate or audio output format on the Apple TV does not solve the issue.
The issue occurs every 10 seconds or so when streaming high res content from a laptop in presentation mode.

I have ruled the switch out as the culprit by removing it from the chain. The issue does not occur when the audio extractor is bypassed.

JTech is at a loss as to why this occurs and blames the projector.
I tried using an Insignia audio extractor and the same thing happens.

I am in the process of getting the projector replaced but I am not hopeful.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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I would try a different cable.

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