HDR on Playstation 5.

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Bear with me because this might be a long post but I've been sort of having a play around with my TV and Console settings, specifically as the title gives it away HDR.

Now my set is a Sony KD55XG1 which I know is not particularly good for HDR of any sort and when I enabled HDR on my playstaton 5 console the picture looked washed out to the point of disabling it but out of boredom months later I decided to have a play with the settings.

I decided to try disabling HDR on the console but enabling HDR10 on the TV and the result with a significantly more vivid picture than with it enabled on the console or with is disabled on the TV or both. Having just booted up Cyberpunk there is a significant jump in picture quality something I have noticed even in the menus.

I tried calibrating the HDR on the console multiple times but the result was always a washed out lookiing picture similar to what I experienced with HDR content on Amazon which was why I had given up on it.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Is there any reason for it to look good set to off on the console and on in the TV settings?

Just after some explanation/advice as I'm not overly savvy with this sort of stuff.



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You may have sorted this out by now, but it's worth having PS5 HDR on as all new games support it and, personally, I think it really adds to the visuals. You can set up HDR in the PS5 settings menu and I'd recommend following Vincent Teoh's advice on his YouTube channel

Obviously be sure your TV HDMI input is set to receive HDR. And, check the connections, I've had problems in the past with sound and it turned out I hadn't fully pushed in the HDMI at one end.

In the PS5 settings you can also set the console to only output HDR where a game supports it, so older titles will be shown correctly in SDR.

If your TV has a game mode, definitely set the input to that as it will make use of low latency and switch off some of the processing the TV might otherwise carry out.

Does HDR look ok when you watch tv content, say Netflix?

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