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So this is my problem....
I have a laptop with hdmi connection
I have a tv with hdmi
And my receiver with hdmi

So at the mo, my laptop is plugged up to tv( tv being my screen) via VGA
This is my connection... Laptop>--hdmi--<receiver>--hdmi--<tv
But when accessing Realtek it still says I am in analog mode so my centre,2floor speakers,3surround and sub are not playing hdmi but stereo

I'm trying to figure out why and how I can set it up properly....
Any suggestions?????

The hdmi connections on receiver are as follows
-monitor out
-video 2

I don't know how to tune hdmi on receiver although I gave it a go and think its right... Model of amp is STR-K1500

The only other way I can think of doing it is with an external sound card via spdif

Please help


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I'm not sure about this, but it could be that your receiver doesn't support audio over HDMI? The first AV receivers to include HDMI only incorporated HDMI video switching and didn't use HDMI repeaters that allowed the receiver to access audio via their HDMI inputs.


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I think dante01 is on the right track

I'm guessing your receiver is a Sony (that's what google suggested when searching for STR-K1500).

A quick look in the manual indicates that the HDMI connection on the receiver is for switching only, i.e. there is no sound processing done on those inputs. To get full surround sound you need a digital audio connection from you laptop to the receiver.

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