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Hello, Don't know if this is the right section.... But I bought a tv for Christmas and I want a hdmi lead, Do I have to pay alot for a good one or are they all the same ?


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Absolute max I would spend would be a fiver for a 1 metre HDMI cable.

Interesting subject thats been done to death multiple times on here.

Not the same as it used to be for Scart cables etc as those were carrying analogue signals, whereas HDMI is digital only.

Try a google search :-

hdmi cables are they all the same

Gives an interesting first link.;)


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a digital connection is just that,quality in the lead is not better picture and sound,just hardware,£5 max as said above , thanks


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Actually I think I've still got the xbox hdmi cable what came with it, Will this hdmi lead be okay ?

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