I have a Warfedale DVd player connected to a Panasonic TV via hdmi, a fault? has developed that when a DVD is being played there is sound on the begining of the DVD ie. adverts and trailers, but when the main film is played there is no sound. Both hdmi and DVd player are recent purchases and both have been replaced. If I reconnect with Scart lead instead of hdmi I can get sound both on the trailers and the main film.
I would welcome any advice to this baffling problem.


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Just looking at your post I would think it's an audio decoder problem. I'm guessing that by default over HDMI it'll be sending out the best audio possible, which in most cases will be encoded dolby digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1, which presumably your TV can't decode. The reason it works with scart is that scart is only capable of analogue stereo, so the DVD player will automatically use that. The reason it works with the adverts is because they are most likelly recorded in stereo, or even mono. I would guess there is an option in the DVD players menu to change the audio format when HDMI is used, and all you have to do is tell it to use stereo rather than bitstream/DD/DTS.
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