HDMI worked for a day...now stopped (but works on PS3)


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I bought an XBox 360 as a birthday gift yesterday. It was connected to a HDTV via HDMI (the same cable used for a PS3) all day where it worked perfectly.

The next day the console was moved to another room (again HDTV which connects to a PS3 via HDMI). This time the console wasn't detected when turned on, and even using the supplied composite cable yielded no results.

The console was then moved back into the first room, except this time the HDMI cable didn't seem to work with it (still works with the PS3 though). The supplied composite cable also only works if the switch is on TV (if I use the green/blue/red part, switch to HDMI and go to that channel no results are yielded).

After spending many hours trying to fix this problem, which included going to a great many websites and lugging the console to and forth I have unfortunately not gotten any closer to fixing this problem, so would appreciate any assistance on this matter (since I simply want to use a perfectly working HDMI cable on a HDTV).


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The HDMI port is very sensitive & it can be a pain to get the cable to sit in correctly at the back of the xbox
I've checked countless times to make sure the HDMI cable is fitting in perfectly at the back of the console but unfortunately that doesn't appear to help. I also managed to get the composite cable to work at 1080p on the 2nd TV I mentioned but still not the first.

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