HDMI - What's all the fuss about?



Blimey. All these numbers and conflicts. Think I'll stick with my component video connection. I know where I am with them


Thank you for that Beekeeper. We need to generate an HDMI/DVI FAQ somewhere as it crops up with increasing regularity. Do you mind if your hard work is plagiarised? It is after all the sincerest form of flattery.

Nic Rhodes

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Most if not all of this stuff has been covered before. I wrote a thread on digital interfaces a while ago, much of it is in there. Joe F has excellent practical advice and Gordons article on his web pages is also excellent. Feel free to use anything I have written but people don't seem to use or look at the stickys on the digital interfaces :( I am happy for you use it if it helps people learn.


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awsome stuff though,

its even more of a pain when HDMI PJ`s cant recieve 480i/576i from an HDMI dvd player.(not a big deal i know, but it would be better to make use of the onboared de-interlacer esp when it has a CUE filter etc)

Nic Rhodes

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Okay settled down now and had a more sober think :)

These devices communicate either way down the interface. The display panel say it want 1280 x 768. The Player says it has been set at 720p. Neither is now happy after 'negociations'. We have a 'r2' source which the player upscales to 720p but it now output at 60 Hz and not 50 Hz. The panel doesn't like it much and it scales to the native resolution. It however probably runs the panel at it's own frequency anyway so it changes the frequency agtain. So to recap, the resolution goes from 576i to 576p to 720p to 768p. The frequency goes from 50 Hz to 60 Hz to x Hz (say 70). Don't you just love this stuff :)

I still think that outputting the interlaced signal and letting a scaler do the intelligent bit makes much more sense, or at least just output the progressive signal and let the display device do scaling if you haven't a scaler. (480p or 576p)

Think this is ott senario? Just look at the HDMI spec and the resolutions of all the display devices like LCDs and plasmas out there, they just don't tally. It is all about knowing the limitations of what you are using. A full HDMI system looks like it will be great and the top Pioneers are hinting at what could be achieved but they could be improved so much more for little effort / drive.

Paul D

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I'm hoping we should start to see some video processors featuring HDMI inputs soon.

The advantage i saw with HDMI over DVI was HDMIs legacy support for interlaced signals.

With a DVI ouput, you are at the mercy of the onboard de-interlacing.
Now with the likes of the Denon A11, this just isn't a problem as it has Faroudja DCDi already.
The problems start when set top boxes for SKY/Euro 1080/Freeview start shipping with DVI ouputs.
I can't imagine they would be willing to spend much on quality onboard de-interlacing.
If they decide to skip DVI and go straight to HDMI, then at least this would give people an option of external de-interlacing.

The upcoming(seem to have been saying this forever!) Immersive Assimilator is supposed to have HDMI support and includes a nifty 48hz mode. Being an all digital chain, shouldn't lose any detail/quality that can happen via analogue.

Either way, it should be an interesting year finding out!:D

AV Geeza

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I demo'd the Meridian G98 again, but this time using HDMI to a Pio 504HDE and I have to say that the picture was excellent.
It was only when I switched to component and then S-Video that I really noticed how good it was.
The difference between component was certainly not that big and if I had to say what the main difference was it would be difficult.
HDMI gives a cleaner picture and a little more definition but I suspect that the actual film you watch and the quality of the transfer can complicate things.
I felt that Gangs of New York looked better in progressive via component than it did with HDMI, but other films looked better on HDMI.
I can't help thinking that the media box with the 504 is really the poor link in the chain (I can see MAW nodding his head!!).
The G98 is excellent and will probably be joining me very soon! :clap: :clap:
I await the 434MXE with baited breath but suspect that I will be purchasing a projector to make the most of HDMI and an SD plasma for everyday viewing.

Joe Fernand

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AV Geeza

Unfortunately some p******k at Pioneer has decided not to pay the license fee for an HDCP chip set on the NEW 43MXE-1 so whilst it has a DVI input you'll need to stick with Progressive YUV for now with HDCP restricted players; hoepfully someone brings out a plug-in card with HDMI or DVI with HDCP in the near future!

Best regards


Paul D

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A new option for an all digital path at realistic price should be on sale soon.
The new Lumagen processors seem almost to good to be true.:D
They will be available with DVI/SDI inputs, with the DVI port supporting HDMIs interlaced signal.(Hurrah!)
If you have a non-HDCP display, then just mate it to a SDI modded player.(DVD/SKY)
Those with HDCP displays have an ideal scaler for the upcoming Euro1080 sat boxes.
I hope to be able to send 1080i to the Lumagen via DVI, and have it de-interlace and scale to 1280x720p.
It should also de-interlace my Pioneers 868i HDMI(DVI) 480i/576i signal.
The lumagen have ICP/CUE filtering so that might come in handy!

I'm almost praying the new Lumgens live up to expectations, as the pricing seems fantastic.

Gordon Fraser, please please let me demo a beta unit!!!:hiya:

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