HDMI Vs COMPONENT - Worth the change?


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Some penny-wise advice please!

I own a LCD Sony VW11-HT and have been relatively happy with it for ~3 years now. I have 600 hours on it and my only complaint is the hatching or 'chicken wire' effect I sometimes get (only a minor annoyance).

Its resolution is 1366 x 768 @ 1000 ANSI Lumens.

My dilemma is that I am now completing my self build and had always envisaged fitting my Sony to the home cinema. However, my local HC guru has suggested I upgrade to a Sim2 Domino 35 PJ...

His argument is that the Sim is DLP (apparently better?) has an HDMI input and a comparatively fantastic picture. It also sits further back in the room, and so will be a pain, if not impossible, to upgrade to later.

My research has led me to discover that the Sim2 has a lower resolution (1280 x 720) than my Sony, but has 2500 ANSI Lumens.

Is upgrading going to be a noticeable difference?

My Sony cost £3600 (retail of £5500) and I'll be lucky to get a grand for it second hand. The Domino35 is £3000.

Is changing worth it - my dilemma.....


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Any comments would be apprecated ASAP:lease:

I'm wiring the room on Tuesday!

Nothing like last minute panics:eek:


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Hi Cambo,

DLP has a higher fill factor than LCD, meaning there is less space between the pixels, so even with the slightly reduced resolution you will definitely have less screendoor effect. Also HDMI is noticeably better than component IMHO (it does depend on the source of the signal to a certain extent i.e. the DVD player or scaler).

The SIM2 projector will look noticeably better than you current Sony model, but one thing you should be aware of is the rainbow effect of single chip DLP projectors. This can be a deal breaker for some people as theysee sequential colour flashes and/or get eyestrain and headaches. I fall into this catagory, but to be honest most people have no problems with them at all.

Also you might like to keep an eye on the market as there are a host of new projectors about to hit the shelves in September/October. Along with this site www.avsforum.com has some great projector chat, and you will find out a lot about the new models there also.


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Many thanks Penfold.

In regard to your helpful post, I am leaning in the direction of retaining my Sony.

My intention will then be to convert to HDMI down the line.

I'll put a HDMI cable in now and hope there is a suitable forthcoming PJ that has a similar throw ratio to my Sony - currently 14 foot from my 8 foot wide screen.

Many thanks,


tony @ suffolk

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Hi Cambo. As a matter of interest, my SIM2 projector came with an optional short-throw lens. Due to an awkwardly-placed beam in the ceiling, the front of the proj. is only eleven feet from the screen but I can get a 6'6" wide picture.

Might be worth looking at the specs of the latest SIMs. They're certainly excellent bits of kit!


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Many thanks Tony.

Impressive kit list too!

The Spaniard

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Hi Cambo,

I am in virtually the same position as you with a vw11, a Pioneer 737 dvd and a Yamaha amp that I love but is not hdmi ( its the old A2 and despite trying every amp out for the past 3 years - including the new yammys - I still prefer the sound of my old A2).

I want to go high def which, as you say, the vw11 will cope with but dont know where to start!

I still think the Sony kick out a cracking picture and like you I am a little reticent of forking out loads of money as we will get very little for the vw11.
I am thinking of waiting for the Sony ruby projector to drop in price but would still fancy a little improvement while I wait....any ideas folks?



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Good to hear a fellow compatriot in a quandary too!

Yesterday I ran high quality component (as I’ll be using it for a while!) to my Sony PJ position (14 ft from screen). I also ran an HDMI cable for upgradeability.

My Yamaha DSP-A2 has been earmarked for my main living area (HD Plasma going in there), and I’ll purchase a new amp for the lounge (where the PJ resides).

Like yourself, I just would not sell or upgrade my A2. It is outstanding and has served me well. My local HC guru – David from Kronos Hi-Fi – advised me to keep my A2 for use in the living area as it was such a cracker amp! Nice to hear dealers supporting older products and not force feeding you new kit down your throat…

My lounge needs an amp now though, and one with component/HDMI switching is high on the agenda.
I am waiting on the Yam 2700 to appear so I can give it a whirl and hopefully purchase. Only other consideration is a Denon or discounted Yam Z9.

Keep in touch and I’ll let you know what HD looks like on our Sony’s.

Best regards,

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