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HDMI video through AVR - fundamentals and my Problem


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I have posted a problem I am facing in the Denon 1910 owners thread and still haven't received a solution. Since the problem is related to fundamentals of HDMI video via AVRs in general, I though a wider audience here will help me t understand the basics and my problem and probably a solution.

I have taken help from experts here with the likes of PSM1, Dante, Dicklodge before and would like you guys and others to help me again understand this strange problem I am having.

Recently moved into the world of AVR and speakers and absolutely loving it. Bought an Onkyo 507 and was very pleased with except I felt that I liked bit warmer sound and sold the 507 and purchased a new Denon 1910.

I have paired it with the Q Acoustics 5.1 speaker set. Really pleased with the setup. Sounds wonderful and much better than the Onkyo especially with music. Fantastic amp:thumbsup: Sound is just redefined for me...

The Problem
when I am sending a RGB signal (PC and Video) from my BD player to the amp via HDMI, the amp is introducing a RGB conversion (or similar) and the image on my PJ is becoming washed out when I am setting the Colour space on PJ to RGB PC. If I set the color space to RGB video it is actually behaving like RGB PC and not RGB video. So the amp is introducing some kind of processing.

This issue was not there with the Onkyo 507 as it didn't do anything with the signal and it just passed through unaltered as I used to have without an amp in between.

The use of RGB signal from my BD player and Laptop (no choice here as it can only send RGB) is important to my setup as I have many sources where a RGB signal works better than YCbCr.

Please note the issue never occured with the Onkyo or when I was just sending the RGB Video signal from my BD player directly to my Projector. Both worked fine.

I always understood that the AVR acts as a HDMI repeater and it doesn't do anything with the signal and sends it to the display device unaltered. Since the Onkyo 507 worked perfect, I am quite baffled why the Denon is adding the processing.

To help you further, I only have the BD player connected via HDMI and one analog Aux connection and no other video scaling or upconversion in place. All such settings are off.

To me this is quite a big issue and really appreciate if anyone can help me.
The Denon 1910 is a wonderful avr and I am chuffed with the sound it creates and don't want to part with it and settle for something else.

As you can see from my problem, it is quite a basic thing about HDMI video passing and I not just getting it why the Denon is messing with the signal. I hope to get some thoughts from you all.



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