HDMI+USB Extender over Cat6 - Challenges with Wireless dongles


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Hi everyone,

I have a setup with Multiple HDMI Extenders (4KEX100-KVM-H2) extending my screens which are 3840 x 1080 and 4K into different monitors.

The setup works great and without any latency.

I currently face 2 related Challenges

1. Connecting a wireless game controller
I want to connect gamepads to my end points. When I plug the wireless dongle for the control it lights up for a split second - but then it turns off and doesn't work

I tried adding power to the receiver, or adding the dongle to the TV which I then connect to the receiver but this has not been resolved.

Do you have any idea what might be causing this and Is there a workaround to this?

2. Connecting a Bluetooth Receiver
It seems that I can only connect one Bluetooth adapter. So if I have multiple Bluetooth adapters, I have to disable the previous ones in Device Manager (Windows) and enable the one I want to use.

Is there a workaround for this that enables all Bluetooth Receivers to work at the same time?

Joe Fernand

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System - a full explanation/schematic of what you are trying to achieve would be helpful.

Game Controller - where are you plugging in the controller Transmitter(s) and Receiver(s)?

Bluetooth - is not generally designed to have multiple devices working simultaneously.



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Hey there,

Here is an attempt for a Crude description of the System

PC Display Port --> Directly to 3840 x 1080 Screen at 144 Hz

PC Display Port to HDMI --> HDMI Extender --> 3840 x 1080 Mirroring primary screen but at 60 Hz (due to limitation of HDMI Extender)

PC HDMI Port at 4K Resolution--> 4 x 4 Matrix --> 3 x HDMI Extenders that take the signal to different Rooms

The Gamepad
This is the gamepad I am trying to connect. As soon as I add the dongle, it lights up for a split second - then it shuts off, and the gamepad doesn't work

The Bluetooth

Noted. So there is no known workaround on this one I guess.

Joe Fernand

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Gamepad - where are you trying to add it to the system?

Over LAN - some HDMI Distribution systems will allow you to use USB from each zone back to the Source devices, this is often used in education settings to allow you to 'place shift' the Keyboard, Video and Mouse out in the remote zones. Our Octava UHD over LAN being one example - https://octavainc.com/hdmi-video-over-ip-pro-dsx/

Bluetooth - there is always a way, just not with conventional kit, Cassia Networks- Enterprise Bluetooth IoT Products & Solutions



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Sorry for missing the first part - Gamepad is connected to any of the receivers. I am able to connect Mouse & Keyboard (and anything else) without an issue - but that doesn't seem to work for gamepad

Thanks for the link - I will definitely look into that :)

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