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Hey! first post here, hope someone can help me :)

I have a Yamaha RX-V467 which has 4 HDMI inputs to 1 output. I linked my PS3 to one input, and my TV to the output. I couldn't receive signal on the TV so I put another HDMI into the receiver from the TV, which gave my TV signal.

Does anyone know why I need two HDMI cables for TV output?

Probably a simple question knowing me :facepalm: thanks in advance!

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Maybe, is it possible for me to use the output port only? Because when I remove the cable from the TV to the input, the signal goes :( It seems like I need one from the TV to the output, and one from the TV to the output :s


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It still sounds like you have the inputs and outputs confused. You only need one HDMI from the reciever to the TV to get a picture from your PS3 to the TV. Can you take a picture of the back of the amp showing how it is connected so we can comment.


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It is physically impossible (or at least it should be) as all the HDMI connections on the TV are inputs. The only information that transfers the other way is Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI CEC functions. Obviously your TV needs to support these features and they usually need to be turned on.

Post more details of the TV (make / model) and available options on the TV for HDMI settings.

Describe how everything is connected i.e. which input is connected to what source and what input you selected to get the PS3 to appear on the screen.

Have you tried connecting the PS3 to another input on the receiver?

Please post a pic of the rear of the receiver to see how everything is connected.

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Again, it sounds like you have the inputs/outputs confused.

You should just have the one output going into your TV, then whatever source signal plugged into the input of the amp.

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Yeah you guys were right, I had the HDMI cables mixed up in the conduit lol :( My bad, thanks for the help!

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