HDMI to SVHS/Component is it possible?


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Ok so this site has helped me many times in the past but this time ive been unable to find any information regarding my problem so here it is -

A few months ago I upgraded my graphics card only to realize that it now has no svhs out port and is supplied with only a HDMI (+DVI for monitor of course). Well as it happens my TV has no HDMI input and until I can get myself a new LCDTV with HDMI i was hoping to just get an adaptor as my SVHS cable was rather expensive and i wanted to continue its use for awhile, as you can expect. I can find absolutely no information on any available adapters though.

Now im pretty sure they must exist as ive seen hdmi to component for both PS3 and TiVO, but they state only work with those products and refunds wont be given so i cant test the cable first! I was under the understanding myself mind that due to the different output specs that converting one to the other was impossible! is this right or wrong?

So basically whats the score is there any kind of adaptor out or HDMI to SVHS cable that can be used with PC to TV. Im totally lost on the subject please help me peeps! :)


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Sadly I don't think there's going to be an easy/cheap way to do this. I think some graphics cards output component over DVI in which case you should be able to buy a passive adapter, but if not then I think you're out of luck :(

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Hello Anubis

HDMI is a copy protected digital pipeline that happens to carry video and audio signals.

As YUV (Component), S-Video, Composite etc are analogue pipelines that are not Copy Protected its very rare to find a device that offers the HDMI to analogue conversion you require.

Additional to the HDCP copy protection issue if your HDMI equipped Source is outputting a high resolution HD signal and you want to view it on an S-Video equipped display you often also need to down convert from HD to SD.

It is possible to do what you require but relatively expensive - an HDMI to YUV converter, for example, is around 150.00 GBP (Media Factory - Vision HDMI to Component converter)

Which Graphics Card do you have - someone in the know may be better equipped to Outline what option your card offers; its not always that obvious with some cards.



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Hi Folks thanks for the replies. Im running a 1gig ATI Palit 4870. Yeh i figured that was the case with HDMI being digital and HDCP protected. Hmm it is a shame but think I may just have to look into a new (and over due) TV at some point in the near future then. It was a shame that it had no svhs output but guess its just one of those things. I may look at getting a cheap(er) TV out card in the meantime then if an adapter sounds out of the question. Thanks again :)

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