HDMI to S-video cable?


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My parent recently got this streamer box for drama but work time conflict so they usually watch on right time. Been searching for a cable to connect to DVR so they can watch it when they get back from work, I have found HDMI to RCA and RGB to s-video on eBay but the problem was that the s-video was 7pin and the DVR was input was 4pin

Anyone can know if HDMI to s-video 4 pin exist? since the input are all white, red and yellow

Btw my dad DVR is Pioneer DVR-660H


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HDMI is a digial system and S-Video is analogue, so you will need an active adapter that converts the signal to analogue, extracts the digital audio and converts the component (RGB or YUV) video into Y/C.

TBH, you would be better off buying a streamer with an analogue output built in.

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