HDMI to Plasma with DVI/VGA inputs?


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Hi all!
Just ordered a cheap (well...) Pioneer DV868 from Germany, it has an HDMI output.
My Plasma is Pan. TH42-PWD6EX. It has a VGA input and I can buy a plugin board with DVI Socket.
Currently I have the screen setup over progr.scan component cables.
Will it bring an even better pic if I use an adapter cable to either VGA or DMI?
I found some cables here
and here
and here

...and will it work?
I mean, will the pic quality improvement be worthwile?

Thanks for thinking with me!


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You can use the DVI to HDMI adapter, but if it gives you a better picture ... dunno.


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Panny have had issues with there #DVi board so no promises, to get the benefit you will need the DVi board and an HDMI-DVi lead or HDMI-HDMI lead and an HDMI-?DVi changer.

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Odd move - its usually better to find out what works best 'before' you order the new kit :)

If you want to use the Digital video out from your NEW DVD player you will require 1 x TY-42TM6DB DVI (with HDCP) Card for your Plasma Display.

Once you have installed the card you can set the DV-868AVi to output 480P, 576P or 720P; its hit and miss with this DVD Player/DVI Card combination as far as getting 576P (PAL) to work or not over DVI.

If you don't want to install the DVI card you can stick to Analogue connectivity as Progressive YUV at 480P, 576P and 720P into the HD15 Input on the Display - though I'm not convinced the DV-868AVi is the best £800+ Analogue DVD player on the market.

To connect the DVD to the HD15 Analogue input on the Display you'll need a 3RCA to HD15 cable and to connect the DVD to a DVI Card installed in the Display you'll need an HDMI to DVI-D cable - I'd forget about DVI to VGA adapter cables there's no analogue output from the HDMI socket on the DV-868AVi.

Best regards



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Thanks guys,
Board costs 120 GBP (Dutch Panny dealers aren't interested in ordering just a board as usual) so I don't think I'll spend it for a maybe situation...
Besides...it's "just" for dvd as my Arcam AVR300 has neither HDMI (nor i-link either come to think of it, but that's another story; continuing using my Denon AVR3805 wouldn't have helped as they have denonlink which I think is incompatible...).
Very glad with the Pio, bought it for just 861 Euro in Hamburg, free cod to Holland!
It loads much quicker than the Denon 2900, pic is razorsharp, and even stereo sound is excellent; in "direct" and with the stereo RCA sockets connected to the CD input of the receiver I could not find any difference with my Arcam CD82T, so I can now flog that including the Denon...
Don't like the stereo sound much in digital mode, bit harsh and treble accented, more so with hi-bit set. Maybe the unit needs running in?
Don't use the 5.1 analog outputs for stereo as the level is too low even with every channel upped 6 dB.

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