HDMI to firewire iLink?

Stuart Wright

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I need to capture PS3 menus etc for a review. But the only way to do it without pointing the camera at the screen is to feed the output of the PS3 into my camcorder. The only inputs on the camcorder are iLink Firewire.
(I can't capture to PC as I don't have a capture card).
So I need to convert the HDMI output of the PS3 to firewire input of the camcorder.
Is there such a cable? Will this work?


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No cable is going to convert it as they are entirely different digital signals.
Only some expensive conversion box I imagine.

Firewire to HDMI would be easier, as you could use a DVD recorder with Firewire in, HDMI out.
But I am not aware of any DVD recorders that would do the reverse.

But doesn't your PS3 have normal analog av out? And your camcorder av in? Would that give you sufficient quality?


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As a different way to tackle your problem.

Why not just connect the PS3 to a, like the previous poster mentioned, standalone DVD recorder via either S-video, Composite or Scart.

Then put in a blank DVD and literally record everything you are doing on the PS3 screen to the blank DVD.

Then put the DVD into your PC DVD-rom drive and use something like Windvd to pause the DVD disk and capture all the menu images of the steps you are wanting to show to Jpeg format.

The quality of the captures would likely be sufficient for the internet and it would be the cheapest option only wasting a blank DVD.

Hope this idea is of some help

Stuart Wright

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Thanks, guys. The Sony HDR-HC3 doesn't have any inputs except Firewire.
I want to record moving menus so the only way I can think of doing it is buying an HDMI capture card and connecting the PS3 to my PC.

Joe Fernand

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Hello Stuart

If the PS3 is applying HDCP then none of the current HDMI capture cards will be any good as they can only record non HDCP content.

Rather than a 'botch job' surely someone can loan you a suitable recorder!



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heres the absolute way to do what your asking. However you are being officially naughty by doing so.

ADVC-HD50 HDMI to HDV converter, compact and bus-powered - SlashGear

This is a HDMI to HDV converter... woooo hooo. Only problem is it doesnt allow HDCP signals from cool stuff like PS3 and Blu Ray etc.

So what you do is you put a RageHD HDCP stripper in line before the HDMI cable so all signals after that are clean and clear and then this device will truly convert to HDV and you can record on your HDV tapes. However....

HDV is 1440x1080i not true 1900x1080... so there will be a minor loss in the anamorphic pixel size ratio. However HDV is a pretty stable and noise free recording medium. You should be ok.

I would like some reviews on the advc-hd50 conversion quality, but coming from broadcast pro's Grass Valley I expect it will be very good.

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