HDMI to DVI to VGA lol please help!.


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Right I have posted this in the PS3 forum but am getting no where.

Right I have a PS3 and its having a hand shaking problem with my tv. Every time i put a game into my console the Tv will change from HDMI to DVI. So I bought a HDMI to DVI cable but the DVI bit will not fit into my PC input.

So I was wondering if I get a VGA to DVI converter. So i can plug the HDMI into my PS3 then the DVI bit in the converter then the vga bit into the PC input. And then turn the PC input to DVI will this work and sort out my problem? And if it dose will i get a HDMI picture?


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Doesn't sound like you need an expensive DVI-VGA converter (the VGA signal is not carried over the HDMI connector, so you can't just use a simple dongle, but actually have to convert the digital signal to analogue). I assume that when you say it doesn't fit that the connector is the right shape, but that there are extra pins that don't go anywhere - in this case you need an HDMI to DVI-D cable, rather than an HDMI to DVI-I cable (which is what it sounds like you have)

If this isn't the issue, then the input you are trying to use isn't actually a DVI socket at all! On what bit of kit is the "DVI" input? A TV? A projector? Which one?

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Hello ocelot20

The HDMI Output on your Player encrypts the Digital Video signal - this means it won't work with an Analogue HD15(VGA) equipped device unless you first run the Digital signal through an encryption stripper.

As SeanT says you may have an HDMI to DVI-I rather than a HDMI to DVI-D cable - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface

Whichever you have you need to ensure the DVI Input on the 'TV' is HDCP compliant or the HDMI encryption will cause you problems again; often the 'PC' Input on an HDMI equipped Display is not HDCP compliant.

If I understand your post your TV does have an HDMI Input and you can 'see' the PS3 up until it boots up a game - what resolution do you have it set at for game playing?


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