hdmi to dvi lead or adaptor?


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I have a problem and not sure which way to fix it.

Im currently getting sparklies on a hp2207h when set to the native res using the supplied hdmi (non gold plated) lead and using a dvi/hdmi adapter (gold plated) in the graphics card, when the res is turned down a bit the sparklies go. this has only just started doing this and has been fine for exactly 1 week :(

I tried it via a vga lead and can run without no problems in native res. therefore im convinced this isnt a monitor or graphics card problem.

I think the problem must be either the supplied hdmi lead or a problem with my hdmi/dvi adaptor.

I dont know what to buy? should I get a all in one dvi-hdmi lead (something good quality) doing away with the adaptor or should I buy a hdmi to hdmi lead also of good quality eg gold plated and use that to plug in to the adaptor? which would be best?

which is the likely cause the adaptor or the supplied hdmi lead?

im thinking a hdmi to hdmi lead is the cheapest option as the hdmi to dvi leads seem to be quite expensive

hope you can help



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now sorted :thumbsup: bought an all singing bling bling 24k gold hdmi-dvi all in one lead from maplins.

eliminated the adaptor and the old hdmi lead not sure which was at fault but im happy now its all sorted.

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