HDMI to DVI-D, which Panny & Terminal board?

Matthew J Taylo

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Would any of you happen to know which terminal board I would need to have installed for a HDMI to DVI-D connection in the Panny PWD6 + is this the HDCP? compliant screen, ie can I get maximum resolution, no. of lines?

I have the new Pio 868avi-s but don't really have the cash for the matching Pio 434HDE so I think (info picked up on the DVD forum) I can hook this to the Panny via a HDMI to DVI-D lead?

I've got the manual (PWD6) infront of me & it doesn't make alot of sense.

I'm sure I need a terminal that will allow for a 1125(1080)/60i signal? (is this the best resolution?, ie 1080 lines, like the expensive Pio 434HDE?

The RGB terminal boad, TY-42TM6D (DigitalW/HDCP) looks like the fella but I'm not too sure if this will give the best quality picture Vs the PC Input, TY-42TM6P/G ?

Nexnix do quote the TY-42TM6D as the RGB DVI Digital Terminal Board

I'm a bit lost here, any help appreciated? - Panny pdf below


http://www.nexnix.co.uk/pds/docs/Panasonic Plasma 6.pdf[/URL]


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Hi Matthew, if you look at the previous thread here you posted this question on you'll see I've replied there as to this question.



Joe Fernand

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Hello Matthew

Your on the right track!

You will require:
1 x TH-42PWD6BX Display
1 x TY-42TM6DB DVI input card
1 x HDMI to DVI cable*

You'll need to 'look' carefully (once you get the system hooked up) at what output resolutions from the DV-868AVi (with its on-board scaler) works best with the signals the Panasonic DVI card accepts; 1125(1080)60i looks like one possibility (but may not be the best).

Best regards


*Molex work well over short distances (up to 5m) and BetterCables Display Magic are worth the extra if you want a step up from Molex!

Matthew J Taylo

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Joe & Ryan,

Thanks very much for the advice, I think I'm pritty much there now, it's been a long road, Joe - you may remember me pestering you about 4 or 5 months ago, once again thanks for your patience.

The cables you mentioned, are they easy to find, the only HDMI to DVI cable I've seen was approx. £170 for a 2 metre run?

Better the get the old cheque book out.

many thanks


Joe Fernand

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Hello Matt

I keep on stubbing my toe on the HDMI cable box that's under my desk :)


PS I can understand the claims for the cable you linked too over long lengths but doubt it does adds/subtracts much over 1.0m - maybe I'll ask to see one and try it out!

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