HDMI to DVI - D Comapatable Plasmas lists?

Matthew J Taylo

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Hi All,

There have been quite a few posts over the last 2 weeks discussing the compatability of HDMI to DVI-D dvd players & plasma's & what I would like to do is to start a list of players & plasma's from people who have actually seen this work/have it home.

I'm particulary interested in the Pio 868avi-s machine as this is the DVD player I have but more than happy to list all combinations

The story so far:

Pio 868avi-s to Hitachi PMA500E via HDMI to DVI - NO

Did see a picture @ 480 ok, did also see a picture @ 720p but had what looked like ALIS artifact around the outside.

We were playing Drive (yes, I know!!) region 2

Pio 868avi-s to Panasonic PWD6 (DVI input board) - Not Really

via a retailer

On the Panasonic PHD (1024 x 768) I got a very good 720P
picture, a fuzzy 480P and a notsobad 1080i. (I reckon 480P on the SD 42"

However, and as with all Silicon Image based processing I've used, if the source was PAL material, the Panasonic no recognised it. So a shining 720P pic is possible, but only with R1 discs. And to put one more spanner in the works, the Denon DVD-2900 via component was still better (better than the
868 via component too).

I'm starting to hear people say, don't bother with the HDMI to DVI set up & just go for component but I would like to use my Pio to it's full capacity without spending £4K on the Pio 434 HDE

Please post other HDMI to DVI-D experiences here

Kind Regards


Matthew J Taylo

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Also I forgot to mention that via HDMI - DVI there were aspect ratio issues too!! @ 720P on letterbox R1 disc (only R1 we had) neither plasma would stretch up to normal size

Cheers matt

Also - it's not Silicon Image in the Pio 868 (Pure Cinema)


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i agree that only r1 discs work from 868 to pany 50 w6 via dvi but once the set up is sorted it blows component away even the dennon 2900 as i have both and a samsung hd935 this machine works all regions and aspect ratio but crap picture via dvi the samsung suffers from dark scenes are green and full of digi artifacts pluss solaration and grays show reds etc

Matthew J Taylo

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What do you mean "once it's set up"?

Does this mean you've got the Panni Pio combo to work or are you just saying that a little fiddling & the NTSC, reg 1 PQ is fab?



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What I mean is the Dvi output is superior to component format, but the DVi input needs setting up correctly regarding Chroma black levels etc. I can only get the 868 to work on our r1 discs. Will try to talk to Panni today.

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