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The first link , you need to read the small print disclaimer ,

Disclaimer: This product supplied by our company is a replacement for / sold for use with , a certain product of the OEM manufacturer .....

And so on , this is not a standard HDMI product and attaching it to standard HDMI interfaces could cause damage to your equipment.

HDMI is a completely digital interface , component is completely analog , there is no possible way for this cable to work with anything other than the proprietary equipment it originally came with.

Whatever that product is , it is not using a hdmi socket in the way it was intended.

The second link you posted is more along the lines of what you need however that particular one is converting in the wrong direction for your needs , these units are directional and do not work the opposite way.


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Thanksyou. So are you saying that cable will not work or will work but might break something, for £7 I dont mind giving it a try.

Otherwise this is what I want below then?

NEW! HDMI to RGB PC VGA YPbPr Component Video Converter on eBay, also Adapters, Connectors Plugs, Audio Cables Connectors, A V Accessories Cables, Electronics (end time 05-Jun-09 16:49:34 BST)

The cable simply won't work unless you've got a really wierd TV.

That second converter box looks like what you need - although obviously it's limited to 2 channel audio rather than the 8 channels that HDMI can carry. If you want surround sound you'd have to use a seperate audio cable.


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for £7 I dont mind giving it a try.

It definitely wont work and could kill your TV and laptop into the bargain , dont touch it at any price.


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