HDMI Switching?


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Have been looking at a few amps (Onkyo 674E, Sony 1200ES, etc) and it dawned on me - would I actually need HDMI ports?

I'll be getting the new Samsung LE40M87B LCD TV which has 3 HDMI ports. I'd only be connecting up a PS3, 360 and possibly a Sky Box. Presumably I could connect the PS3 via HDMI to the TV, the 360 via component, and the Sky box via whatever output it uses... I'd then connect the PS3 and 360 to the amp via optical, no idea about the Sky box yet.

Presumably I don't actually need an HDMI-switching amp then? What is their main purpose - for TVs with simply one HDMI input?


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pretty much. you could go for a cheaper amp and dedicate it to surround sound, so lookin for 1 with optical in.
If your display has 3 HDMI inputs then there really is no point in spending more on a receiver just to get HDMI switching, as you obviously won't need it.
The only other benefit to an HDMI enabled receiver is that if it can accept multichannel PCM over HDMI then you can make the most of lossless HD audio formats from your PS3.

BTW; The Sony 1200 will not do this, you'll need to go for the 3200 model.

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