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Hi mate

I recently bought one of these new vivanco 4 in1 hdmi switch boxes.

it even has its own remote and has manual or automatic detection.

google it mate


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I've just bought the Octava 3 into 1 HDMI switcher from Joe @ TMF, £120.

It comes with a remote, but is also fully automatic, with a sensor which switches to the input most recently 'enabled' via a signal.

Installed yesterday, plug & play, & works a treat!!


Joe Fernand

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Hello Blue.Rocket

Octava have Three options you can consider:

HDS5-UK - 5x1 UK SRP 149.95 GBP
HDS32-UK - 3x2 UK SRP 199.95 GBP
HDS3-UK - 3x1 - UK SRP 119.95 GBP

All three have Automatic and Manual switching and all Three work with SKY HD - though you need to put SKY HD on Input 01 as its always 'communicating' with the switch; even when the SKY HD box is in standby.

See http://www.octavainc.com/

Best regards


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