HDMI switchers

Howard Pitfield

Active Member
Why are they so bloomin' expensive. To cater for my equipment I'll need:

1 for Sky HD
1 for DVD upscaling DVD player (Sammy HD850)
1 x FTA HD sat box (Philips DSR 9005)
1 x PS3 or possibly Xbox

So a 4 way switcher is needed already - phew! They seem to be about £250 up - lots of dosh for a switchbox eh? :eek:




You won't want one for the xbox as the plans for xbox360 and currently the xbox uses component video (analog). ie. there are no plans to provide a HDMI output from the xbox.

As for your other items, I understand its a pain in the butt. I went into my local maplins at the weekend and was amazed at how much a HDMI cable is. They want £90 for a 1m cable. What a rip-off. I bought a 5m cable off ebay instead for £8.


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