HDMI switcher/splitter for 360,ps3, sky HD - Help!


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hi all,

ok so my setup is:

MacMini and I was toying with getting Sky HD

The problem is that ideally I want everything (car the WII) to go through HDMI. I have an amp that's about a year old which works fine. currently I put the mac, 360 and PS3 through the optical inputs for 5.1 which works fine (has 3 optical ins) and the wii just goes in as stereo.

The TV (52in Sharp LCD) has 2 HDMI ins (360 and ps3) and I use the VGA for the mac and scart for the wii.

If I go with SkyHD, I have a problem. I'm out of HDMI and I have no more optical ins on the amp.

Is there a nice device out there which lets me have 4 hdmi ins that then splits the audio to an optical out? I came across one once that lookd nasty but it looked like it did the job.

is there another way around this that anyone can think of? surely I'm not the only saddo with this many consoles?!

thanks for your help


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