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Question HDMI switcher and Sky

Ben Stone

Novice Member
Hi all!!

Just a question if I can try and explain!
In my main living room I have a wall mounted Samsung 40" Television with a HDMI cable going down to a cheapy eBay three way HDMI switcher, for Apple TV, blue ray, and Sky box.

Also I have a 5m HDMI cable running into the 'cinema room' to a Sony STR-dh1050 to a Projector, speakers.

My inconvenience is if I want to watch Sky in the cinema room I switch the HDMI outputs on the switcher in the main living room. And also have a HDMI adaptor separate if I want to leave Mrs in from room with Apple TV, I can plug in the Samsung HDMI cable direct to Apple TV HDMI cable. A few months back I did buy a 2 in 3 out HDMI switcher, but the HDCP sky warning came onto the TV. This again was on eBay but seemed a decent product?

So my question is this, is there a better 2 in 3 out switcher out there which will let me switch Sky to whatever output I please. Or... Am I totally neglecting all the potential of my Sony AV receiver? I know it has Zone 2, but if I'm being honest it baffled me a bit! if I plug in my Sky, Apple TV and blue ray into the Sony, and have both Samsung tv and projector as outputs, will I be able to mix and match what plays in what room? Will HDCP come into play again?

Sorry for the long winded question, been dying to ask it! Really appreciate you taking the time to read this!

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
You require an HDMI Matrix (any Input to any Output) or an AVR with Independent Zone Outputs (many are mirrored).

One potential problem being what audio your Source is Outputting via HDMI - your second TV may require/dictate you have the Source set to 2 Ch audio.

You can toggle the Source between 7.1/5.1/2.0 to suit where you are viewing (AVR vs. second TV) - though that becomes confusing for folk.

Alternatively you add an Optical/Cable between each Source and the AVR (for 5.1) and leave the Source on 2Ch audio via HDMI.

You will also need to think about controlling the Switch/Sources.


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