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Hi everyone. I am a new member and I hope I met everyone well.

I need expert, I mean useful advise on the schematic attached as a file below. I want to know if it will work. And please advise me. I am having headache on this setup already.

Thank you.


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Are you actually restricted to VGA from the PC? Does it have a digital output at all? DVI? VGA to HDMI is analogue to digital converter and then at some point you have a digital to analogue converter to get it back to VGA? If the TVs must have VGA maybe try to get only VGA cables to them for that source?

HDMI cables at some of the lengths you envisage will likely be problematic. Certainly over say 15m you will need to get higher quality ones and at 40m you may be stretching that technology by itself. Fibre optic HDMI cables exist and they will do the lengths - they have downsides such as they are susceptible to mechanical damage and they usually need a power source of course. I think there are some other core technologies that do better over those lengths for HDMI as well.

Apart from that it is pretty hard to envisage what you have - at least it is for me :) maybe some A/V installers can make some detailed sense of it.

Good luck :)


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You need to post the model numbers of the gear you have and the gear you are planning to get along with your budget for this.

The analog to digital and digital to analog conversions will be problematic, especially in conjunction with splitters , as any splitter can only work at the lowset common output for each device connected to it.
If at all possible, eliminate the converters and replace with HDMI inputs, outputs, and switches.

Long HDMI cables are especially problematic, long being anything over 8 meters, so category extenders are a better choice for that layout.
Which type you should get depends on budget, the best being HDbaseT, but those are not cheap.


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Thanks Outoftheknow and Andy1249. Really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Now, as an expert, what do you suggest I do? Please help me out as I am already stressed out on this issue.

The materials are:
1. HD camcorder (AV and HDMI only)
2. Desktop PC (DVI and VGA only)

1. TV/Monitor (for live feed, 26f away from the camera). (VGA and av only)
2. Projector (26f away, vga and HDMI supported)
3. TV a (38f away, HDMI and av only)
4. TV b (90f away, same as above)
5. TV c (45f away, same as above)
6. TV/Monitor (6f, vga and av only)

I need to hook up all these using HDMI SPLITTER/SWITCH.

PLEASE, how do I go about it? Your humble and constructive schematics/diagrams attached for download or vivid explanations are welcome. I simply beg you to assist me.


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