HDMI Switch Problems


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Heya ^^

I'm having issues using my 4K Firestick and my Nintendo Switch with an HDMI Switch. The picture will flicker to black and back on, sound off and on as well, every couple of minutes and that will pause video playback and interrupt gameplay.
I have a Panasonic TV(1080p) and according to the manual, the HDMI sockets only support HDCP 1.2. ( no new firmware update. )

I have a Blu-Ray player, a Nintendo Switch and the Fire TV Stick 4k on the HDMI switch.

So far I have tried 3 different HDMI Switches. All of them were rated for 4k and HDCP 2.2.

When I plug the Fire TV stick/ NIN switch directly into the HDMI socket on the TV it works fine.

I have tried:

  • Power cycling in all different combinations
  • Resetting the TV to factory settings
  • all HDMI socket combinations
  • EDID simulator (some research suggested that might help)
  • tried my old Fire TV stick (non-4k)
  • bought new HDMI leads. (Amazon Basics 0.9m)

I'm kinda out of ideas now..

Thanks in advance! ^^

Joe Fernand

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Ensure any a switch you purchase has its own PSU.

Have you confirmed all Source devices work on a direct connection to the TV?



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Yeah, they all had their own PSU.

I have tried the all sources directly at the TV and they work fine.

Joe Fernand

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Short (less than 2m) HDMI cables can be problematic in some systems

Which HDMI Switch gear have you tried?



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