HDMI switch compatible with Amstrad Sky HD Box


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Apologies for the number of times this may have been asked. The problem is my Hdmi switch will not work with my Amstrad sky HD box. The switch works perfectly with the free sat and bluray player . The sky hd box works when plugged directly into the tv. The hdmi cable is 6 months old and is 7m long. The switch is also powered.

Has anyone been able to deal with the compatability issue as I am looking to upgrade to 3d with a new tv. There are a number of switches on the web that state they work with sky hd. Can anyone point me in the right direction.



Hi and welcome to the forum.
The rules ask you to look for previous enquiries about your topic, and this one has indeed been covered many times.
You will find that some posts report success with HDMI switches, but others confirm that Sky machines are unreliable with them, and it looks like yours is one of the unreliable ones.
The Sky 3D channel is just a channel like any other, so that makes no difference either way.
It makes no difference about the switch either - if the Sky machine likes switches any switch will do.
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