HDMI switch/box with portrait output.


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Hey folks.
This is a left field one for you all.

I need a way to take a picture from a HDMI output and rotate it 90 degrees. So it displays in portrait mode on a monitor.

This picture is coming straight out of a CCTV DVR which does not have the option to rotate the image. Right now the only way to rotate an image is using a computer and changing that image out within the desktop display settings.

I need to find some kind of a switch / box that allows a HDMI input signal to be rotated?

Anyone come across anything like this?


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Think a finding monitor/ display that has built in image rotation would be easier to locate and a whole lot cheaper than a magic box to change signal to portrait mode


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So you've got a CCTV system that outputs in portait mode (e.g. 1080x1920) and you want a device to rotate it to landscape mode (1920x1080) so you can feed it into a monitor that's physically rotated 90 degrees?

That may be tricky to find for less than the cost of professional level kit, what resolution support do you need?


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Thank you both for the reply.
Right now iv got a low powered intel NUC running the CCTV desktop application which is rotated and feeding into a monitor that’s mounted in portrait.
That app runs fine on a decent spec machine or laptop. No lag at all. But on a barebone NUC with Windows 10....
With that said the feed out of HDMI is very much in real-time with no lag.
I think you guys are right. Seems the boxes iv come across are between £500-1000 and it will be easier to find a monitor that has this feature built in.

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