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HDMI switch box £10.00


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Just got Joytech HDMI Trilink 3 way HDMI switch box with remote control from HMV sale deal £10 nice unit seems to work well great deal if you need so more inputs good price.:thumbsup:


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Where abouts from ?

Just checked their website and they only do a madctz one, but it is out of stock,



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These are instore at HMV. They have been on offer for a while and I sear it had been posted before.

Got mine for £9 inc student discount.

It comes with remote, power adapter (and usb cable to power off av equipment with usb ports :) )

I've heard fairly poor reports but for the price I thought it was worth a try as once everything is plugged in it's unlikely I will change them for a while. Haven't opened mine up tho, got it on the last day I was back home.


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piece of c**p.i took mine back today and got a refund.didnt work.the best and cheapest 1 i have seen is the 4 port that currys sell for £19.99.i have that and its great.


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I have had no problems with it seems to work well have HDDVD player and dvd recorder in it and Freesat HD as I only have 4 inputs on TV and with Sky HD and PS3 and Xbox 360 and needed more had currys manual switch box but real pain haveing to keep getting up cross room real pain.:thumbsup:


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Got one of these and its brilliant even has a usb power cable so can be powered directly off my Sky HD box or even my Dreambox 800 :thumbsup:


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Is anybody using this with 1080p or thereabouts being switched through the box? I'd like to get one of these but the high-end ones are uber-expensive, and I worry about how the cheap ones cope with high bandwidth switching... maybe I shouldn't.
yep no probs with anything picked one up today, ps3, 360 and hd-dvd palyer all at 1080p
pleased with this :)
spoke to soon :(
It has probs only with the ps3 and only on the xbm static/snow and constant resoultion changing
but the weird thing is its perfect on blu-ray and games?? it's just n the xbm that it happens.
360 and hd player is perfect, sent the wife back to hmv today to exchange it, if it happens again then refund it is :)


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Tyler Josh ref Xbox 360 Microsoft has just updated Xbox software on HDMI as sound did not work might be slight problem with new software Microsoft updates can be a bit of pain I dont use HDMI on my Xbox picture is better on component and nice optical feed for sound to my Yamaha amp sounds far better on games.No problem with PS3 only that it keeps updateing every time I put it on line real pain:hiya:
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the problem isnt with the 360 thats perfect
The ps3 is the problem although it's been exchanged at hmv will see later tonight if its any better
if not back it goes for a refund :)

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