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At the moment I have a full size Pioneer amp that I use all six HMDI inputs on to connect everything to my TV. However, I fancy something smaller like the Sonos Beam, but how do I then connect everything to my TV? Can anyone recommend a decent automatic HDMI switcher or something that I can plug straight into the Beam please?

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Automatic switching can be a hassle as some source devices do not correctly trigger when they are going In and Out of standby.

The HDFury² is one device we have used with the BEAM - it has 4 x 4K UHD HDMI Inputs, 2 x HDMI Outputs (One can be scaled if you have two differing capability display devices) plus 1 x HDMI Audio Output which you can connect to the BEAM.

Alternatively you go with an HDMI Switch which has Optical Digital audio Out and use the SONOS supplied HDMI to Optical adapter.


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