HDMI Swicth with [email protected] HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2/CEC/ARC

Currently have a tv with only 3 hdmi input, since using arc to soundbar then only 2 HDMI inputs available, need an additional two. Would like a switch that would not affect my current setup.

Current Setup:

All devices connect to TV HDMI Ports, HDMI 2 ARC Out from TV to Soundbar.

CEC Enabled and working.

When turning on Source it will auto turn on TV to correct HDMI input which will then turn on soundbar. Turning off TV will auto turn off soundbar and source

TV Remote can control Source and Soundbar Volume (CEC)


I am looking for a switch to place between source and TV, that will still allow the above setup to work, the switch must be auto switching, so when you turn on source it will switch to correct input on switch and then correct HDMI on TV, while allowing ARC to work as well as support [email protected] and HDCP 2.2. I don't want to press any buttons on switch or switch remote, if it supports CEC then it should all be automatic.

Any recommendations of a device?, something under £100, I came across below but no mention of HDCP 2.2 Support as I have 2 x Devices that require it.

Oehlbach UltraHD 3x1 Switcher - FutureShop.co.uk
What Soundbar, TV and source equipment do you have .

Its easily to think CEC can do everything but just isnt what it should be, a universal remote would be a better idea. When using a switch whether it will switch automatically will depend on the sources as Auto Switches with HDMI generally have problems with sources that are in Standby as they still send a signal so the switch doesnt know to change.


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" if it supports CEC then it should be automatic"

That was the general design idea, but thats not how it worked out.

The big mistake was making the feature optional to start with, and the even bigger mistake was not standardising the command set.

Manufacturers jumped on this to attempt brand tie ins, and you ended up with proprietary CEC command sets such as bravialink for sony, vieralink for panasonic, anynet for samsung, and so on.

The upshot of all this is that CEC is a mess, and thereare no guarantees of correct operation of any CEC feature between different brands.
By far, the most common issue with HDMI is with CEC features such as ARC and random or incorrect switching or controlling via CEC commands.

The best solution, forget CEC and use a universal remote, forget ARC and get a receiver with the correct inputs.

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I think someone missed the 'best of the Festival' joke - no way will you find a device to meet your 'spec'! :)

Which two devices require HDCP 2.2?

We are definitely now entering the time where the search for HDCP2.2 at the price that HDMI got down to makes the market extremely confused
a universal remote would be a better idea. .

HDMI CEC works for me, I am happy with it, I have used universal remotes in the past and I find them cumbersome and old technology . They do not actually know the devices state, i.e there is no chip in the device and remote which sends out a signal of its status if their was then that is when id pick up a universal remote. They are also slower when sending signals to turn on devices where CEC is much quicker. You may have issues with CEC about not being universal and fully compatible but the same goes for universal remotes.

Back on Topic Switch with the requirements mentioned.

Also any HD Base-T 2.0 send and receive unit that will support [email protected] & HDCP 2.2 on less than 40M Run. I will use the switch with HD base T so if there is a device that incorporates both that will be helpful.

Devices are Humax 4k Youview Box and Nvidia Shield Android TV, also will be using a PC with graphics card Outputting at [email protected]
I don't get the hdbaset addition are you now wanting a hdmi2.0/hdcp2.2 switch incorporating Hdbaset as well ?

I won't continue the debate about Cec as seems to work for you however it may well be it doesnt when a switch is added to the mix which is one of our points.

You will definitely have to reassess your price point for the switch .

What make and model are the TV and soundbar ?
You may have issues with CEC about not being universal and fully compatible but the same goes for universal remotes.

Universal remotes by there very nature are compatible and hardly old technology. Even CEC doesnt always poll the on/off state of a device. Samsung Anynet+ CEC being a prime example , lots of fun with TVS and DVD players playing the power toggle game.
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HDBT Extender - nothing in the current Valens line-up supports what you are asking for, http://www.valens.com/products

Switch - you will start to see products advertising what you are after, though I doubt at the price point you indicate.

CEC - as above, works great for some folk, not so well for others and simply refuses to work on many systems.


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As Seb and the various links point Out HDMI and HDBT are currently out of step in terms of what the latest versions of the hardware revisions cater for with no indication from HDBT as to when they will cater for everything covered by HDMI 2.0a (there would be no sense not covering HDR).

Auto source switching is tricky when many Sources are now not flagging when they go In/Out of Standby.

Computers often don't like being connected via a Switch as they loose the EDID signalling from the Display when they are not the active Source and you have to insert an EDID manager between the Computer and the Switch - I have not seen an EDID manager with HDMI 2.0a compatibility.

If you go for the Switch be sure to let folk know how you get on with it.

As per my previous posts I'll be surprised if you can find what you want (at any price) as you are a bit ahead of the product release schedules at present.

Never got a switch I just manually add or remove devices with hdmi cable.

HDMI CEC is very hit and miss even with two devices from same manufacturer, i.e Panasonic devices tv and bluray, you have to switch back and fourth hdmi inputs to get tv remote to control bluray player, then tv will turn off bluray player via cec but bluray player will not turn on tv via cec, even though same brand. On other hand Nvidia Shield Console will turn on TV via CEC.

Adding switch to then when its already not working correctly is asking for trouble.

The only time I got cec working fine all the time was between LG TV, Sony Bluray and Onkyo Amp.

Now I have Panasonic tv, Panasonic bluray and Samsung sounbar, all support cec but not always working, removing soundbar and still not working properly.

So I gave up adding switch to all that.

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