HDMI splitters blown 4 of them!


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Hi all, just joined the site after reading many posts hoping someone might have an answer to my problems.
I have just ordered a fifth HDMI splitter (Trulink 2-port) from Maplins (£89) thinking that the more I spend the better the quality........mmmmm perhaps not so. Story so far......

Sky + box & PS/3 into Pioneer VSX-920 A/V receiver amp via short good quality HDMI cables, output to LG 50" TV with no problems for 12 Months +

Purchased new Optoma ES550 Projector works fine via 15m HDMI lead from amp.

Purchased cheap £15 1-in - 2-out made in china little metal box splitter, all working fine for 2 weeks, splitter failed (no output LEDs) power OK, got a replacement from same supplier which lasted another 2 weeks, same fault.

Assuming they are cheap and nasty, I purchased One from Maplins (£50)
worked for 3 days then same problem, output LEDs flashing, power OK but unit very hot. At the same time the Projector HDMI input failed, tried different leads and direct connections to PS/3, camcorder etc. Sent projector back to supplier for repair. In meantime got replacement splitter from Maplins, worked fine for a week or so just using T.V.

Hooked up the repaired projector yesterday, worked fine all evening with TV on aswell, put everything into standby before bed, turned on TV this morning, worked for 2 hours then splitter failed.........same output fault. Been to Maplins today to return unit and ordered the more expensive Trulink job.

I am an electrician but not into electronics, all equipment is on the same phase, earth loop is good, HDMI cables appear OK, plenty of air space around all components. Could the amp be causing the problem?


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I've had a problem in the past with a top of the range Pioneer AVR that developed an HDMI fault which in turn damaged the BluRay player that it was connected to. I damaged a couple of BR players before concentrating on the amp, took it to a local service centre who confirmed the fault and arranged for the HDMI board to be replaced under warranty. Only had it back a few weeks before it failed again! Repaired a second time and touch wood it's been fine ever since.


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Sorry for late response but thanks for the info, mine is out of warranty but I will have a chat with a local repair guy who might be able to test the AVR and quote for replacing the HDMI board. I was hoping someone else might have an idea as to what might be wrong. Anyway new splitter arrived today so I will give that a try and hope for the best.

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Remember that HDMI carries power so it is possible that a faulty item in the chain is causing the problem and "blowing" splitters that generally have minimal protection against overload. The symptoms would be as you describe them as the splitter psu would still be fine.

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